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Appointments online, by phone and in person

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Katia Houghton



To arrange an appointment:

07897 669113

Counselling and psychotherapy in person and online

There are as many reasons to consider therapy as there are people.

Sometimes the decision is prompted by a change in circumstances, such as a difficult relationship, illness, stress, or a loss. Sometimes there is sadness, anxiety or depression without there being any clear or immediate reason why. Sometimes there is a strong curiosity to understand ourselves and others better, to think more about what it means to be alive.

Therapy offers a space to explore what is troubling you when you no longer want to deal with it alone.

It isn't always easy to look at the things that cause you distress, but talking about them can help you become aware of past patterns in your life, explore your identity, and make the choices you want to make.

To talk about any difficulty, large or small, contact me by phone, text or email to arrange an initial consultation or just to discuss whether talking therapy might be the right way forward for you.

Appointments in person, online, or by phone.

"The key to good listening isn't technique, it's desire. Until we truly want to understand the other person we won't listen well."

 £65 per 50-minute session 


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