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About psychotherapy



Therapy is a process that involves talking openly and honestly about your experiences and feelings, and exploring what they mean in the context of your past, your present, and your desires now and for the future.


Working in this way, you can expect: 


  • to be listened to

  • to explore your feelings in a safe, non-judgemental environment with someone who is not directly involved

  • to understand yourself better and to make your own choices.



The process may also help you:  


  • feel better able to cope

  • examine current and past problems

  • alter the way you see your relationships

  • better accept yourself and others

  • make more meaningful decisions.



The work can be short term or open-ended and may take some time, sometimes over more than one session a week.

More information about psychotherapy:

What is psychotherapy, UKCP

To arrange an appointment:

07897 669113

 £65 per 50-minute session


 © Katia Houghton BA Hons Oxon, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, registered member UKCP 2011166972

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